Darryl Camp, MD

Board Certified Neurologist in Houston, TX

Darryl Camp

About Dr. Camp

Darryl Camp, MD, is an accomplished board-certified neurologist. He is the founder of Texas Herbal Clinic, a medical practice providing medical marijuana treatment solutions to patients in and around the Houston, Texas, area. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Camp has diagnosed and treated numerous neurodegenerative and psychiatric conditions, including medical conditions that qualify patients for medical marijuana through the Texas Compassionate Use Program.

In September 2021, Texas passed a bill expanding the use of medical marijuana to include an expanded list of neurologic conditions and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Camp was one of the first neurologists in Texas to enroll as a provider for the Commitment to Underserved People (CUP) program. He's also been involved in numerous National Institute of Health (NIH) funded and industry-sponsored trials.

Imagine a patient with advanced dementia who lashes out against caretakers and loved ones. Instead of managing aggressive behaviors with sedating prescription medications such as antipsychotics, a safer and better solution may be tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Dr. Camp founded Texas Herbal Clinic to provide his patients with a natural alternative to prescription medications.